Tips for Better Sleep

Ahh...who doesn't love a perfect nights sleep?  Waking up in the morning feeling perfectly refreshed is so amazing.  I know most of us try to fit more into our day than time tends to allow.  But, you should try to make sure you prioritize a good nights sleep.  Your body is going to love you a lot if you do.  Sometimes it is hard to put yourself first, but sometimes you need to.  Here are some things that I do:

1. I have a bedtime routine and I look forward to it.  Your body will start getting into your routine and crave it!  My routine is simple, but effective for me.  First, I wind down from my day by watching some mindless TV.  Then, I take a shower and brush my teeth.  I sit down and reflect on my day and plan my day ahead.  Say my prayers and get comfy!

2. My bedroom is always cold and dark.  It makes a perfect environment for me to sleep in.

3. I work really hard at going to bed at the same time each night so my body anticipates sleep!  I even have a bedtime alarm to remind myself to get in bed and stop what I am doing. 

4. Exercise.  Exercising during the day helps your body in numerous ways and even when it comes to sleeping.  It helps make your body tired and ready for bed.

5. I avoid caffeine in the evening.  This way, I am not laying awake in bed.

I know these all seem simple, but keeping in the routine of this every single night can be hard.  Try to see if you can get yourself some well deserved sleep!  I hope you can create your own routine and share any tips you have.  Tag @hbgcommunity and use the hashtags #hbgblog and #hbggirls.